XP Realistic Pro



  • Growing list of 16 sounds
  • Growing list of 22 real life immersions
  • Aircraft profile editor
  • 2 Default profiles for GA and Jets
  • Tons of realism
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XP Realistic Pro brings a whole new immersion level into X-Plane 11.

XP Realistic Pro adds another level of vibrations, enhancing your simulation experience as you feel as though you are actually flying! Sounds are also enhanced, with realistic wind sounds and extra noticeable sounds such as ground roll, squeaks and prop enhancements. G-Force effects are also added to your cockpit environment, flying through turbulence will never be the same again, listen to the drag induced by your flaps, watch as your cockpit dashboard shakes on stall, enjoy the sounds of a real ground roll, and much more.

XP Realistic Pro was built by real world pilots and dedicated simmers. 

Whats included (v1.0.5)

  • Mouse look / hat switch fix (with and without X-Camera)
  • X-Plane saved views buttons did not work fix
  • Crashes on OSX platform fix
  • Rain immersion infinite sound fix
  • Head anticipation immersion issues fix
  • Joystick view related button assignments will now work as they should – finally.
  • Mouse look / hat switch big improvement.
  • Reverse trust immersion (split into two immersions, reverse thrust & activate reverse)
  • Changed “simulation” to “preview” as it confuses many users.
  • Added gear drag preview as it was missing.
  • Close menu button on small menu didn’t work – fixed.
  • Taxi head anticipation

Whats included (v1.0.3)

  • Big/Small menu
  • Rain immersion (2 sounds)
  • Head anticipation (roll & heading) move view issues fixed
  • Stability improvements


  • FlyWithLua installed (get here)
  • X-Camera (optional, but recommended, get here)

Built for X-Plane 11


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