XP Realistic Pro



  • Growing list of many sounds
  • Growing list of real life immersions
  • Aircraft profile editor
  • Default profiles for GA and Jets
  • Tons of realism
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XP Realistic Pro brings a whole new immersion level into X-Plane 11.

XP Realistic Pro adds another level of vibrations, enhancing your simulation experience as you feel as though you are actually flying! Sounds are also enhanced, with realistic wind sounds and extra noticeable sounds such as ground roll, squeaks and prop enhancements. G-Force effects are also added to your cockpit environment, flying through turbulence will never be the same again, listen to the drag induced by your flaps, watch as your cockpit dashboard shakes on stall, enjoy the sounds of a real ground roll, and much more.

XP Realistic Pro was built by real world pilots and dedicated simmers. 

Whats included (v1.0.92)


  • Ground braking sound added to braking immersion


  • X-Plane 10 lua crash
  • Shaking during replay

Whats included (v1.0.91)


  • Touchdown effect more realistic


  • Engine vibrations immersion, in some aircraft when engines are running on idle, and the aircraft is not moving, engine vibrations exist.


  • Multi monitor fix, requires X-Camera
  • X-Plane 10.51r2 (build 105101 64-bit) FlyWithLua stops
  • Immersion category selection arrows does not work
  • FWL stop due to error “‘menu_totalW’ (a nil value)”
  • XPR Window will show every time after X-Plane scenario load
  • Menu arrow taps produce sometime double taps
  • Many immersions relay on frame time rather on real time, causing immersions to be slow when running on low fps
  • Nose down during engine start
  • Every shaking is not taking into consideration user’s fps, causing shakes to be stronger in low fps
  • Overall XPR volume is not enough in some sound hardware setups
  • TrackIR + latest X-Camera cause head to roll infinitely
  • When in HUD view, XPR interact with camera and cause unwanted offset changes
  • Compatibility issues with AutoSpeed script

Whats included (v1.0.9)


  • Multi-monitor fix (requires latest XP update)
  • Dual engine aircraft will now work properly with start/stop engine immersion
  • XPR will now work in all cockpit view types (HUD, Scenery only etc.)
  • When X-Camera on, view will not bump when moving view.
  • User can now interact with cockpit using mouse even when XPR window is visible


  • User interface new look (full UI refactor on v1.1.0)
  • Better throttle shakes
  • Sound names are sorted in alphabetical order
  • Engine start/stop immersion torque movements + sound
  • Turbulence and Stall more realistic shake
  • Pitch anticipation has its own immersion now and is no longer integral part of heading anticipation
  • Taxi anticipation has its own immersion now and is no longer integral part of heading anticipation
  • Nose wheel well sound will stop if brakes are applied


  • Immersions are grouped into categories
  • Random sound option for rain, airport atmosphere, cockpit atmosphere
  • Touchdown immersion (main and front tires)
  • Flaps set immersion
  • Cockpit atmosphere immersion
  • Airport atmosphere immersion
  • Menu toggle button / key assignment
  • 1 Reverse thrust for turbo prop sound, 2 nose wheel well sounds, 1 rain sound, 1 wind sound
  • Label indication when freeze mode is on

Whats included (v1.0.8)


  • Random crashes in 1.0.7
  • Wrong version in window title
  • Special keys button assignment, causing crash


  • No more button to reactivate heading anticipation – it never deactivates, only on stop freeze.
  • TrackIR + Head anticipation full compatibility (heading/roll/pitch)


  • Master volume new option
  • Ground brake intensity adjustment

Whats included (v1.0.7)


  • Screen tilt retain after changing view during bank roll
  • When touchdown not coordinated roll and heading would reset
  • XPR crash when click on menu fix
  • XPR crash when flight replay on touchdown fix
  • Roll anticipation now works with TrackIR
  • Possible fix for roll issues with multi-screen setups – feedback needed


  • New head anticipation algorithm
  • Realistic braking effect
  • Combined Pitch & Yaw-wind immersions into one immersion “Airframe Wind”
  • Workaround for using 3jCabin with XPRealistic (see manual)
  • Bigger close button on big menu


  • Pilot breathing immersion
  • Integration with latest X-Camera (see manual)
  • Button assign to stop g-force effects to allow easy button / switch interactions
  • Button assign to reactivate head anticipation after view change
  • Default Gliders profile




Compatibility: X-Plane 11 (all versions), X-Plane 10 (10.41 and up)

Platforms: Windows, Mac or Linux

Required: FlyWithLua (X-Plane 11X-Plane 10)

Multi-monitor users: Latest X-Camera is recommended, get here.

SupportXPRealistic Pro official forum

Current version: v1.0.92 (July 9th, 2017)

Built for X-Plane 11


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